Who am I?


My name is Tim Dawkins, and I’m in my first year as an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in South Glens Falls, NY. Prior to that, I spent two years as an assistant principal in a nearby high school and four years as a middle school principal in my current district. I got my start in education 14 years ago as a school counselor at that same high school, and what’s often startling to me is just how much I use my training and experience as a counselor in my current role as a building leader. I’m constantly reflecting on the challenges we all face in education today, and I’m excited to be able to have a career in a field that is so ripe for dynamic change on a daily basis.

In addition to working in education, my second passion is photography tied with my other second passion which is travel (and eating while traveling, as seen above). I’ve been blessed to be able to visit many countries both with my wife, Amy, over the years and on three separate occasions with student groups to France, England, and even China! If you ever have the opportunity to see a new place with a group of students I recommend you jump at the opportunity. Watching them discover themselves as international citizens while realizing that there is an abundance of opportunity for them to get to know the world as they grow is truly a unique and satisfying experience. It’s one I hope that I can continue to have as I forge ahead down my own vocational path.

As a building leader, I believed very strongly in the power of taking educationally sound risks and building relationships with all students. I believed in the power of these relationships to shift a school’s culture toward one of collaboration, communication, and trust, especially for those most at-risk of feeling like school isn’t for them. I still believe these things as a district leader. Most importantly, I reflect on and revisit my mistakes in order to become the best educator that I can be.

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